The Thirst Experience

January 10, 2015
Sessions @ 11am & 5pm
Registration: FREE!!!

Message of the Week

This week's Message of the Week is "Are You A True Witness?"

The God we serve has declared that He is TRUTH.  He hates every false way.  He is incapable of lying.  A lying tongue is one of the several abominations listed in scripture.  It is simply detestable to God and all who engage in a life of falsehood cannot rightfully claim to be a Christian.

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The Disturbed Seminar - Audio now Available!

The Disturbed Seminar audio is now available for download for $25.00 or CD purchase for $30.00 along with the powerpoint slides!

Comfort In The Storm

Child abuse is plaguing our world and we stand as advocates for God's heritage, our children. The Butler family has launched a new blog, www.comfortinthestorm.com as a platform to help begin the healing process as a family unit once this evil has invaded our lives.

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May God continue to bless you as you hunger and thirst for Him.  Remember that He is willing and ready to be your "exceedingly abundantly above all" - if you’ll allow Him! It's Your Choice!