My objective is to educate people on the facts of child sexual abuse and truths about who the predators are.  As a society we have failed to realize the epidemic of child sexual abuse and have chosen to sweep it under the carpet. 

Shockingly, there are currently 39 million sexual abuse survivors in the United States.  One reason why this evil persists is because we have made excuses and covered the predators.  The facts state that 85-95% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by a close friend, teacher, a coach, trusted adult or family member.  It’s easy to warn against strangers but when the perpetrator is the one you trust and love, it’s much more difficult to protect our kids. 

The truth is that these predators not only groom the children but they groom the parents and caregivers.  Without proper education on the painful facts, these evil people will prevail every time. My desire is for this evil to cease and I hope to push everyone to open their eyes and fight for the children who cannot protect themselves.  I also hope to encourage those who have been abused to heal and not live in the shadows of shame and guilt.

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