Personal Development

This is one of my greatest passions: for people to be free, purposeful and able to give and receive love.  I truly believe that spiritual and personal development is only accomplished successfully if worked together.  If you enhance one without the other you are unbalanced.  Until we examine our past and relate it to our present, will we never be able to change our futures.  You must be conscious to be free.  You must be able to be honest and tell your story to gain insight into and purpose for your life.  In my fifteen years of counseling, I have realized that the hardest thing for people to have is BALANCE.  We tend to swing from one end of the pendulum to another. When we can settle in the middle, peace can be found.  The articles here are to help you begin the process and assess what your next steps need to be.


Building Self-Esteem

Remove the Mask

Strong Character

True Love: Is It Possible?