To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to engage your support and explore collaboration of our efforts.  In the near future, I will provide a four hour seminar to educate adults who care about children on the signs of child predators and how to protect our children against sexual abuse.

I received my BA in Sociology with a specialization in child and family dynamics.  I am certified to teach Parenting, Personal Development and Relationship classes, all of which I have been teaching for over ten years now.  I am also a certified Mediator and Family Mediator.  Two years ago, I launched my Life Coaching and Relationship Development business called “It’s Your Choice” (  Our focus is individual, relationship and spiritual development. 

I have always been passionate about the protection of children and I am a devoted child advocate.  During my nearly 15 years as a church counselor, I have shepherded families through countless issues.  Sadly, one of the most frequently recurring issues I’ve encountered, whether it was counseling individuals, married couples or engaged couples, was child sexual abuse.  Having studied sexual abuse in college, I was aware of this evil.   However, coming face-to-face with abuse, coupled with witnessing the long-term struggles of the victims, I am driven to prevent child sexual abuse and increase my efforts to heal adults who may have already been victimized.

The research related to child sexual abuse is frightening, astounding and eye-opening.  I truly believe that if more parents and caregivers of children knew how to better protect children, we can help make this life-altering evil less common.

My mission is to help protect our children by educating adults on sexual abuse.  Sexual abuse is a topic that many do not want to discuss and many do not understand.  My desire is to bring into full view the multiple ways we can protect our children from these horrific crimes and relentless predators.  We often educate our children on how to protect themselves but it is my belief that it is the adults who are responsible for protecting children.  However, many adults are unaware of how to effectively protect their children. 

My goal is to educate adults through a four hour seminar that will empower adults to be better equipped to protect the children in their lives.  I wish to provide facts that help explain why child sexual abuse is so prevalent as well as dismiss some myths so that we can help stop our children from being victimized.  I know this is not a subject that we want to discuss but it is a subject that MUST be discussed.  The facts do not lie; 1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused by age 18 and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by age 18.  This means you are likely to know a child who is being or has been abused if you know more than 4 girls or 6 boys.  Frightening, isn’t it?  We teach our children about “stranger danger” when in fact 80-90% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by a family member, close friend or trusted adult in a child’s life.  No adult would knowingly stand by and watch a child being victimized but because of the lack of education we have been ineffective in protecting our children. 

If you are interested in facilitating this seminar, please contact me for more information or a face to face meeting.  I look forward to being able to speak into your lives.

I speak for children because their voices are often not heard!

Natalie Lamb
It’s Your Choice LLC