Follow The Instructions         

We "Christians" often like to present to the world an image that we have it all together and we aren't too flawed.  We gloat about what we have not done and how sinful everyone else is. We are quick to quote scriptures condemning others and exposing them.  We can berate and hound those that are "not in the faith."  However, I don't recall Christ doing those things. He defended the woman who was caught in adultery. He told them, "those without sin you cast the first stone."  He was aware of her sin. She was aware of her sin. He simply tells her to "go and sin no more."  To the woman at the well he says, "Come to me and drink." He lets her know that he is aware of her sin but then just offers her himself.  Zacheus was a known tax collector who pretty much stole folks' money by overcharging them interest. When he meets Christ, Christ decides to go to his house and eat with him. Then Zacheus decides I'm going to give folks back their stuff.  It was the sinner being in the presence of Christ that convicted them. His anointing pricked them and they willingly changed, no coercion necessary! 

Why can't we just give people the Good News and let it penetrate and change them?  Christ knew that once you make people defensive they stop hearing you. Folks are aware of their sins, our job is to give them the Savior.  Point them to the love of God.  Point them to the desire of God for none to perish.  Point them to the powerful One that can change their heart and give them a desire for righteousness.  When we present folks with everything they have to stop and all the ways they are in error, it makes folks think there is no way I can get right.  Christ never asked us to do that. Let the Savior save, he never asked us to do that. He simply told us to spread the good news.  

However, it's interesting that we can read the riot act to the sinner but we get locked jaw when we see the "church folks" cutting up. Yeah we may scream about if someone is fornicating or getting drunk but when do we get indignant about the sins of the heart and mind that are at epidemic portions in the church. When do we rail against injustices in the church; hypocrisy in the church; lying in the church? Why do we give some a pass, yet others we practically crucify? It's not that we don't see it. We are just too afraid to mess up the perfectly orchestrated system that churches have crafted as well as any organized crime family.  

Yet, when Christ went off on folks it was the "church folks".  He hated hypocrisy. He hated injustice. He hated false pretenses. He hated folks doing stuff for show. Do you really think he is going to give you a pass because you were afraid to speak the truth for fear of people?  

So the next time you find yourself angry about the homosexual agenda, upset about abortion or screaming over the legalization of marijuana, make sure you can rant just as loud and call out folks just as strong who act a fool in the house.  Choosing blindness is not an excuse not to act.  

Jesus had no problem calling out folks by name.  When Peter asked him at the last supper who will betray you.  Jesus says the one I give this bread to.  Let us tell who has betrayed us and we are accused of gossiping and scandalizing folks name.  We love to say a large part of the New Testament was written to the church. We say don't read our mail but then, why do we keep using our mail to condemn others? That mail was meant for us to examine ourselves. The book clearly says don't judge the world. It says judge those within.  Those who have not chosen Christ are doing what they are supposed to do. Why does that get you so up in arms?  Get up in arms over the atrocities that are happening in the church. 

When you can't speak the truth, when you are afraid to expose the truth, then you may need to check who you are worshipping. It couldn't be the Christ because He is the truth and professes that the truth sets us free.  Maybe the church operates in so much bondage because we don't love and speak the truth. God hates idols. Our systems, our political hierarchy, our fears of folks in charge have become our idols.  We love to say "just pray about it."  We love to say, "let's stay silent and call a fast," yet never boldly rebuking the hand of Satan and calling out folks working with him in the church.  

Read and analyze 1 Corinthians 5. Don't get hung up on the fact that he is calling out his sexual sin but see the big picture of what he is saying. He tells them to hand them over to Satan so their soul can be saved. We don't do that. We coddle and cover folks' sin. He clearly states, "I didn't tell you not to be with the sinner outside the body but not to fool with them that are in the body."  But let someone stand up and say I won't deal with so and so because they are a liar or greedy, we scream "forgiveness."  This chapter is as valid as any other. Let us not pick and choose what we will implement.  At the end of the day, study the scriptures for yourself and discover if you are truly in the faith or not. Some of us may be surprised.